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The Puck

Avoid dehydration, feel more alert and stave off weight gain by drinking more water with your own personal hydration coach.

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Puck Features

  • Track your water intake
  • Works with more than just water
  • Put the Puck into any bottle
  • Puck glows to remind you to drink

App Features

  • Recommended daily target
  • See your hydration history
  • Water temperature
  • Locate your Puck on a map

How it works

The Puck works using patented pressure sensing technology, to measure exactly how much you have drunk.

It works best with bottles with open lids or these types of mouthpieces.

Compatible bottles

External pressure changes a lot, so make sure to fill your bottle at least half way when refilling it – the puck will flash so you know it’s registered it.

Some bottles create vacuums when you drink from them, sending pressure a bit crazy. With these types of bottles the reading from your Puck might not be as accurate. We’re working on it.

They tend to have mouthpieces like this.

Incompatible bottles