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Set up videos

Filling your bottle up

After filling your bottle up, wait for the Puck to flash before you close the lid. It should only take a few seconds. If the Puck doesn’t flash, then try emptying the bottle and waiting a few seconds before filling it up again.

Tips: Put your bottle flat after filling it up.

How to calibrate a bottle

Get an empty bottle and place the Puck in the bottom. Then press next on the app. Fill your bottle up to the neck and then click next again. You’ll be asked to double check that the Puck is grill face up. Put the lid on and give it a shake if it isn’t. Then, make sure the lid is off and press ‘OK, it is’. Name your bottle and save it in the app. You Puck will now be connected to the Puck.

Switching between bottles

Get the bottle you want to put the Puck into and make sure it is empty. Drop the Puck into the bottom of it. Go into the app and press the name of the bottle you just switched to. Then fill the bottle up and use it as normal.

Tips: wait a few seconds before filling up your bottle after you’ve switched.